2 days in Bali

Senin malam.

Adem rasanya saat menginjakkan kaki di bandara I Gusti Ngurah Rai. You know that feeling like you are in vacation though in fact you’re not. I came to Bali for working, yes some works related to my job need to be done here. Sometimes I wonder how does it feel to live in Bali. Maybe you will be less stressed, just because anytime you feel down, you can go anywhere to filled up your mood. You can just walking around, do nothing while sitting in any cafe, strolling around in the beach, or just do window shopping for the sake of your mind health. I really love Bali because that’s really a good place for you to walking. I mean this city is really walking friendly or pedestrian friendly, I don’t know how to call that, but I really love this side of Bali, something that you can’t do in Jakarta. Bandung actually has many spots for pedestrian, like Braga Street, but seriously braga street is not long enough to become your way in killing time, but Bali has a lot.

Okay, the first thing I did in Bali is having dinner in Seafood Cak Har. Actually I never knew this place until some local friends said that seafood in this restaurant is pretty good and that’s true! We ordered salted egg sauce crab, shrimp, squid. AH! Please take me back. I’m craving for that crab! Might order any seafood by go-food or grab food for my lunch today hmm..

Day 1.

This is where I stay in Bali

After finish our works, we need something sweet and cold that’s why we went to Gusto Gelato, located in Kuta. This place is so famous and it should be included in your list to visit in Bali. Many people came here, like literally sooo many, maybe because this cafe has so many unique ice cream flavours like basil, lemongrass and kunyit (I don’t know kunyit in English lol sorry). I forgot what I ordered that time, the only flavour I remember is mango. Blame my memory because I really can’t remember the rest. I’m so sorry I know I’m suck at remember things, that’s why I shouldn’t procrastinate writing this post.

The next place is La Plancha. It’s located in Seminyak. We actually have no idea where to go, but because the sun is almost setting and we really want to enjoy sunset view, our driver suggested us to visit La Plancha Bali, and surprisingly this place is truly what we want. Thank you to that kind driver, we could enjoy this beautiful view. So enjoy! I share some photos that I took during that time. Beautiful, right?

And of course, dinner at Jimbaran beach is a must! Yes yes after that, we went to Jimbaran beach to having dinner at Menega Cafe. I just realise I didn’t take any photos in Jimbaran, maybe because I forgot or maybe because it was too dark. I was having my best time in Jimbaran, you know like you have candle light dinner with ocean waves back sound. It’s kinda romantic, huh?

Day 2.

In day 2, we didn’t have much time left, so we could only visit 2 places, Ayam Taliwang Gilimanuk and Pandawa Beach. Of course we must eat ayam taliwang and sate lilit in Bali, but please be careful, it’s so spicy!

Then, before we’re leaving for home, we went to Pandawa Beach. It’s my first time there, and it feels like more ‘local’? I don’t know, we just barely find foreigner in there hehe. The view in Pandawa Beach is amazing, I wish I could spend more time there. Here is some photos of Pandawa Beach.

See you next time, Bali!



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