A thought of my current life

April will always be a favorite month for those who were born in this month, including me. This excitement feels like only happen in April. But at the same time, I feel so sad realizing I am not so young anymore. I hate it, being adult is not easy at all. Sometimes, I questioned myself, why did I feel like I’m excited about something when I have nothing to be excited about? This excitement might end up as a huge disappointment.

But so what, I’m just excited, literally excited, for anything that will happen in the next 30 days. In first three months of this year, I learned much aboutΒ ambition, confidence and humble. I was without those three words back then. I don’t know why, maybe due to the drastically change of my dreams. I never thought I would end up going back home after graduating from college. But here I am, working as a dentist in this town. I made that big decision last year, for some reasons. It’s not like I am not grateful enough. I am so glad to be at home everyday. No more homesick and loneliness. No regret, no hard feeling. But sometimes,Β I missed my old dreams, my college and my friends. That’s what we call adaptation, no?

It doesn’t matter at all. Why so difficult? (I’m talking to myself) I just need to change my dreams, making new friends and adapt in new environment. I know it takes time, that’s why the thing that I need most is patience. I should make new dreams, many dreams, in order to get back my ambition. I should read more to get back my confidence. I admit that I read a bit as I watched so many movies and reality shows. I should be more social to be a humble person. I told myself that it’s okay to have new dreams, as long as that’s the good things. I might never know what God would give me in the future.

Therefore, I promise myself to love dentistry more, reading more books, making new friends and love them, and also being ambitious to achieve my new dreams. I promise.


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